How to Choose a Facilitator

How to make sure you choose a facilitator who will
deliver what you want and won't let you down

FREE Guide - How To Choose A Facilitator

Many people who contact us have not used a facilitator before and, often, are acting on behalf of others.


We have produced this comprehensive 30-page FREE GUIDE to help you understand how to go about choosing a facilitator so that when we speak next you already have a clearer idea of what you are looking for and have the beginning of a brief for us to respond to.


How do I choose a facilitator?

Here's what you need to know when choosing a facilitator:

  • Why do you need a facilitator?
  • What does a facilitator do?
  • How to select a venue
  • Questions to ask a facilitator
  • How to prepare a draft brief for your facilitator

And, most important of all:

  • The one question that you must ask before choosing a facilitator

FREE Guide: How to Choose a Facilitator


This 35-page comprehensive guide to choosing a facilitator explains what a facilitator does and why you might need one, including some examples of facilitator-led events.


It includes advice on how to find and select a venue – and how to save money in the process.


A series of fundamental questions will help you choose a facilitator and example programmes and strategy tools will help you prepare a brief.


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