Coaching and Mentoring Training
​for Managers

​Do your managers have the potential to achieve more?
Coaching skills and a mentoring role could be a good move.

Coach training workshop

Brefi Group's two day workshop introduces managers to the basic skills of coaching and mentoring – incorporates Coaching on a Credit Card®


Do your managers have the potential to achieve more? If so, are you looking for a more progressive approach to management and people development?


Line managers are increasingly expected to coach staff

The manager who becomes an expert coach increases his/her flexibility and is able to operate throughout the range of directing, coaching, supporting and delegating.


Mentors need the same skills as coaches

Organisations are also recognising that mentoring enables them to leverage the experience, wisdom and contacts of senior managers for the benefit of more junior staff who are not in their direct line.


Coaching is about:

  • Raising awareness and clarifying goals.
  • Unlocking a person's potential to improve their own performance.
  • Using a style of communication based on asking not telling.
  • Helping a person to learn, rather than teaching them.
  • Creating relationships of partnership, equality and trust.

One to one performance coaching is the way for both individuals, teams and organisations to significantly impact the bottom line.Executive coaching is a modern-day concept that synthesises the best from psychology, business, communications, mentoring, counselling, consulting, transformation, philosophy, spirituality, finance and sports.


By using effective questions, giving positive feedback and choosing the appropriate communication style a manager can create a team who are more aware of how they do things and are willing to take responsibility for their own performance.

Introducing the 'Manager Coach' workshop

We are pleased to be able to offer this exclusive program that combines international best practice in coaching, NLP and management with practical experience in America, Europe, The Gulf States, India and Asia.


Manager Coach has been designed to give managers and HR professionals access to powerful coaching skills that will enable them to improve their effectiveness at work and home.


Program objectives

The objective of this workshop is to introduce managers to a less directive management style that will help individuals and teams to become more effective.


The softer, more interactive, style of management adopted by managers with basic coaching skills improves communication, clarifies goals and enables individuals to learn to learn for themselves, thus empowering them to be more flexible and enabling them to take more personal responsibility.


A coaching style of behaviour impacts on the culture of an organisation, 
so that those who are coached also learn to coach others.


This two-day workshop has been designed to provide managers across the organisation with an introduction to coaching and mentoring, including core coaching skills that can be put to everyday use.


At the end of the workshop they will have a foundation understanding and appreciation of the power and application of coaching and mentoring in the workplace, together with a set of inter-personal skills that can add tremendous value in their professional and personal life.


This workshop will equip them with new leadership and team building skills.


The workshop is an opportunity to:

  • Learn and practise powerful coaching skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace
  • Explore specific applications of coaching that can release and develop latent skills in the team
  • Learn to improve relationships and communication within teams

The workshop will be interactive, with plenty of opportunities for participants to learn by coaching each other, and will be followed by ten BytesizedLessons™ delivered by email. These reminders and exercises ensure that the learning is retained, and that further progress is made when the individuals get an opportunity to apply the learning in the workplace.


Completion of this program qualifies participants to join Brefi Group's Coach Certification Program at the Executive Coach level.

Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for any individual with responsibility for the performance of others. In particular it is designed for: -

  • Line managers/supervisors
  • Senior managers
  • Heads of departments
  • Mentors
  • Human Resources managers

Program outline


  • Introduction to coaching
  • Coaching, mentoring, counselling
  • Intake meetings

Coaching context

  • Corporate context
  • Stakeholders
  • Coaching ethics

Coaching Models

  • Fundamental coaching model
  • Sundquist model
  • GROW model

NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Three Ticks coaching model
  • Rapport
  • Understanding personality
  • Quality questions
  • Logical levels of change
  • Perceptual positions
  • Setting well formed outcomes

Applications of coaching

  • Dealing with underperformance
  • Conflict management
  • Investing in high fliers
  • Promotion and induction
  • Building successful teams


"My mind was blown when I realised the difference between teaching and coaching. And then when I started to address the process of meetings with questions (rather than providing solutions), my communication and relationships improved."


"You taught me a lot more than I probably gave you credit for at the time. Maybe I wasn't even fully aware of it at the time."

"The program is a fantastic tool to leapfrog self, business and relationships manifold in a short duration of time. A true, life skill learning. Extremely useful program for people at leadership and sales positions."


"It has been excellent. The passion and commitment shown by the trainers is just great. The content of the course also has been practical. Great coaching by great people."


"It is a must for someone who is willing to improve. A very good foundational experience, good for even those who are not going to take up coaching as a career and good self learning tool."


"I enjoyed learning to be a coach and it not only helps others perform better but myself too!"


"If you are even remotely thinking of going into "coaching", call these guys!"

Brefi Group's Coach Certification Program

Manager Coach is the introductory workshop to the Coach Certification Program. The complete four module Coaching Program, over a period of 18 months or more, is designed to prepare candidates for a career as a successful executive coach to senior executives and for a professional qualification with the International Association of Coaching.


The four modules are: Manager Coach, Personal Coach, Corporate Coach and Professional Coach.


The curriculum combines instruction, e-learning, self study and live coaching exercises. Certification requires completion of workplace exercises. The teaching methodology is comfortably designed with the option of classes held over weekends to facilitate easy access for office-goers.


From time to time additional specialist workshops will be arranged for existing coaches and trainees to supplement their core coaching skills.Licensing opportunities


Brefi Group's programs may be delivered under licence by partner organisations across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. If you are a coaching or training organisation, or an events organiser, who would like to add coach training programs to your portfolio – or you would like a licence to deliver them within your own organisation – we would like to hear from you.


We supply workbooks, support material and marketing for both in-house training and open courses. We can supply trainers or train your own people to deliver and support these programs.


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What to do next

We are delighted that you have chosen to learn about coaching. If you would like to know more about the state of coach training in the 21st century you can obtain a free report. You could contact us or call +44 (0) 7970 891 343.

"The GROW Model is Dead"

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